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So, last week friday night I went to DVD release party at WXPN World Cafe Live (which is the new home of WXPN) which is very close to UPenn and Drexel. The Cafe is much like Luthers Blues in Madison, expect they play more worldly music I guess. Besides my 28 yr. old friend getting his ID taken because it was a fake and the food being overpriced, it was a good time.

There was a viewing of an indie/student movie called Robot boy by Ted Passon from Temple. The film was quite interesting. These perfect suburban parents want their son to be perfect also. So, they replace his bad parts with robot parts. The main character runs around in a grey cardboard box trying to free himself. He gets some help from a girl trying to run away. Together they build a shapeship (also out of cardboard) to try to get away. The special effects in the film are intense.

Anways, the best part about the night was three musical groups who had music in the movie performed at the viewing. The first band (??) was interesting because they sang and played instruments, but also flipped through a hand-drawn comic book and called it a "music video". The second group was Dr. Dog, a rock group from philly, which played some pretty good tunes. Many of which were in diminished three part harmonies, which sounds pretty sweet.

The highlight of the evening though was Kimya Dawson, a member of the Moldy Peaches. I guess her musical style is called Anti-folk, which I never heard before. She plays simple chords on an acoustic guitar (folk) and sings, but sings very interesting/contemplative/moving/witty/sometimes vuglar lyrics (anti). One of the most moving things she played was a song about the tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

"If it happened on our coast, we'd have 12/26 tatooed on our heads"

The music may not be your cup of tea, but I thought it was really neat.

Oh and she was wearing a cow costume.
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