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Is heck freezing over?

What the...

I just wake up and find out that the whole world is not what I thought it was.

First, the Sox won the Series. No, not the Red Sox - but those perenially terrible athletes from the south side of Chitown. Hmmm, maybe the 'Crew has a shot after all one of these years - hey, they did finish .500!

And then, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination. I guess I can say I knew it would happen, as conservatives, for the first time, finally stood up to Mr. Bush and told him to shove it. As a law student, I'm glad to see her out of the running, as her resume was a bit thin and her writings gave no indication of true judicial scholarship (and I'm not claiming to have any, but I can identify it when I see it, after having read countless scores of Supreme Court decisions). As a left-leaning individual, however, I'm not sure if this really is a victory. Sure, Bush looks bad, but instead we'll probably get some scarier right-wing nominee such as a Michael Luttig (*cough*Scalia Jr*cough*) or Alberto ("torture is OK in my book, as so is the whole concept of Gitmo") Gonzalez.

Now comes the interesting part - waiting for a new nominee. My bet is on Luttig, as conservatives and most academics love him, but both Gonzalez and Michael McConnell are the darkhorses in my opinion (and McConnell is possibly just as bad of a candidate as Gonzalez, having represented the Boy Scouts in their landmark anti-gay case and having supported a constitutional amendment to ban abortion). However, I'm sure that there will be a strong vocal presence pushing for a female nominee (which itself is a good thing, as women account for over half the population...However, I don't think there should be a "quota" of seats for women or a "female" seat) and that may be solved by Edith Brown Clement or Janice Rogers Brown (now tell my why they both use their middle names?).
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