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It's Friday, so that means the time is here to steal lots of links from b3ta instead of studying for my final exam tomorrow. Oops.

So, what gets geeks going? Girls with Network Equipment. Love the domain name.

Ready for an inspirational story that is cute and cuddly? Check out Faith, the Biped Dog. It's just as strange as that ugly dog (RIP) that's been getting forwarded around. I know I'd be freaked out to see a two-legged dog hopping towards me.

And, in honor of Nick's holiday gift giving guide, try one of these gifts on for size...Everyone loves USB Slippers! Or you could always go with this quite adult gift from Amazon (possibly NSFW). Be sure to read the comments on that one - "Some synthetic hair on the arm would have been nice, as well. Something Robin Williams-ish."

When you are done feeling dirty after viewing that Amazon gift, click here for that classic Muppets sketch that'll make you happy again. If that doesn't work, click here for a furry wombat.

Now that you are feeling good again, you should brought back down by clicking here for some pseudo-racist fun. As the guys from b3ta put it:

We're now linking to an item that our haters will say, "new low for b3ta. they're peddling rascism." But we say, who's the real racist? The art director who approves a book cover for junior girl-guides with a young black girl on the cover wearing a t-shirt saying "Brownie", or us for pointing it out? Oh, don't hate us, black people, we're down with the homies, we're dancing to MC Hammer as we write this.

Once again, thanks to b3ta for this "goodness." I'm going to get back to work.
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