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$13.3 Million

Bart FarrrrrrrveWith news like this, I bet I'm not the only one wondering why Brett Favre decided to come back to Green Bay and play one more year.

Brimming with salary-cap room and with nowhere they have to spend it, the Packers can play out 2007 and head into free agency next winter in prime shape.
Presently, the Packers stand $13.3 million beneath their adjusted salary cap of $109.653 million, giving them the ninth-most room in the National Football League.

That's funny...having lots of extra salary cap room doesn't sound like a team trying to win right now.

"One misconception I want to clear up," [General Manager Ted] Thompson said early on in the football report, "(is) that I look at this as some sort of rebuilding thing, that we want to win three or four years down the road.

"Let's be clear about this: We want to win, and we want to win now."

I understand that it may be best for the team to start rebuilding, I really do. If you start grooming a lot of good, young talent, then you may end up with a powerhouse a few years down the road. Ask the Brewers. Or the '96 Packers. But, if that is what you truly wish to accomplish, why keep stringing Favre along, promising to support his desire to make one last run at the Super Bowl?

Either cut him loose or give him a solid team to make that run with. Holding on to him for fear of public outcry and then wasting his final years with mediocre teams is a shame. This is the guy (along with Reggie White and a few others) that brought Green Bay from cellar-dwellars to Super Bowl Champions. He deserves better.

But maybe I'm wrong.


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