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Russ Feingold v. The Legion of Doom

I have always liked Russ, especially for his active stance against Clear Channel, but that's another story. Russ spoke out against Bush's nomination for AG specifically targeting the torture of captives in Iraq--

"On the torture issue in particular, Judge Gonzales repeatedly told us that he opposes torture and that the President has never authorized torture. Thus, he indicated, the question of whether the President acting as Commander in Chief can authorize torture has never and will never come up. I certainly hope that we can rely on those assurances, but the Founders of this nation designed a system where even the President is bound by our laws—precisely so that we wouldn't have to rely on trust alone that the President will act in accordance with them. I think this Committee, and the American people, deserved to hear whether the next Attorney General agrees that the President has the power to disobey laws as fundamental to our national character as the prohibition on torture. Judge Gonzales refused to address this question unequivocally, and that left me deeply troubled."

But, that's exactly what GW wants, a country whose president is not bounded by laws and that can make changes that he sees fit. And now that Judge Speedy G is the AG, he will be harder to stop. Along with the aide from big business, lies will be easy to spin and spread among the people.

"Judge Gonzales has been a key participant in developing secret legal theories to justify policies...."

Sometimes I wonder if the only thing we can do is let them beat themselves, one way or another. At least we have Russ on our side. Unfortunately, my senator in PA is Rick Santorum.

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