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SexyBrian sent this to the crew here at Jakesmom, and I thought I would add it to the blog and give my two cents:
This little device, known as the Squeezebox 3 from Slim Devices is a handy piece of hardware that connects your computer to your stereo to allow you to listen to audio without being in the same room or running lots of cords. It comes in a wireless or wired version, that uses a standard network connection to communicate with your computer and the internet. Although it is a tidy little box and has the "sex appeal" of an apple product, I probably won't be getting one anytime soon.

It does have some nice features, like built in wireless (optional), an extra ethernet jack so you can connect an Xbox or Playstation or another computer to it to share internet in the room it is being used, and loads of internet radio capabilities built in (like working with Pandora.com, and the ability to play internet music even when your computer is off). However it has one (in my opinion) notable flaw...it only works with audio. If you are like me (or Brian, or many others out there) you have lots of video on your computer that would be great to watch on TV in the living room, and be able to control it there, without having to run to the computer to make a change. That's why I have a Media MVP from Hauppauge. It (along with other hardware from Hauppauge) allows me to make my own "TiVo" out of my computer and play the video back on to my TV, in addition to playing audio off my computer or internet radio.

To me, it seems like the Sqeezebox has some nice feature that the Media MVP doesn't but the fact that it can't do video will probably keep me from it for a while.
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