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Blame Canada

Blame CanadaI was reading through various Op/Eds on Yahoo News today that I thought needed to be shared. Some I agree with, others I don't but it is interesting to listen to other peoples opinions...[sarcasm]unless they disagree politically with me[/sarcasm]. Today, we are looking at who to blame...
To start of with blame students:
Failure in the classroom is often tied to lack offunding, poor teachersor other ills. Here's athought: Maybe it's thefailed work ethic of todays kids. That's what I'm seeing in my school. Until reformers see thisreality, little will change.

Yes, but where do students get work ethic (or lack thereof) from? Teacher? The media? Crumbling schools? Parents?!?!

Secondly, blame knee-jerk liars:
If the Air Force shot down Flight 93 to protect the capital, it was the only time on 9/11, or since, that the Bush Administration has done something to keep America safe. Whether they were concerned about being second-guessed or for the financial health of the airline industry, we'll never know. We do know that they've become knee-jerk liars, even covering up the rare occasions when they do something right. Perhaps they don't really know what happened up there. If so, they ought to say that rather than promote more fairy tales about Flight 93.

I agree that the CVR from Flight 93 should be released, as is common practice...I also agree that the Bush administration is filled with knee-jerk liars.

Next, blame google:
When lawmakers dragged Microsoft, Google and Yahoo executives before a congressional committee last month, the grilling seemed fitting. The three U.S. corporate giants are helping the totalitarian regime in China muzzle free expression.

But the blustery show in Congress didn't come close to finding a solution, and it missed a major point.

OK, I don't know who to blame here...so I'm going back to knee-jerk liars.

And finally, blame Canada.
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