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It feels like Friday to me...

because I just finished my last final exam for the year. Whew.

Aaron at Phonograph just posted about Chris Ochoa's upcoming graduation from UW Law. My biggest congrats goes out to him - I don't know him personally, but I've chatted with him briefly in passing while wandering the halls, and I've also heard him speak in public. He's definitely deserving of a little press attention (cough, CNN). I mean, after spending 12 years in prison who would want to go to law school and try to help fix the system?

While I'm on the topic, there's no better time than now to keep strong in opposition to the death penalty. It is expensive, unjust, cruel, racist, discriminatory against poor, it kills innocent people, and it is proven not to be a deterrent to violent crime.

On a lighter note, a local indie B-Movie entitled Buckystein is set to play this weekend at the Barrymore here in Madison. From the Isthmus review:

Lafayette, a carpenter by profession, has cobbled together a wildly entertaining film. It's about Dr. Henry Frankenstein, a mad UW scientist ("I'm mad, but maybe I am mad!") who regenerates a roadkilled badger with the help of a hamburger from Union South.

"I need 20 ccs of VQ97!" exclaims Frankenstein, in a typical line. "I'm alive!" declares his handiwork, in another. Of course, the creature's grotesque disfigurement comes as a surprise. "I used fresh stem cells," Frankenstein insists.

The in-jokes are hilarious, from the open-minded housing co-op residents who gamely take the monster in ("We accept you for who you are!"), to the conservative protesters sporting signs like "Keep your liberal ideas away from my guns." And when the Act Out! bicyclists who inanely block traffic are being slaughtered, a harried mom yells at one for getting blood on her minivan: "I just got it washed!"

You can see Buckystein devour some Michigan and Minnesota fans by watching the trailer here.

In related news, I guess I'll be seeing you guys perform at Madison's tonight?
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