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Oh, Come ON!

I just wanted to point out there is a lot of important crap going on in the US (and world) today that could use our leaders' attention. For example, there are lots of people being killed in wars, US troops are still dying in the occupation of Iraq, the rich are getting richer while the rest of America takes it in the pooper (subscription required, see highlights here), the environment is going to hell and a hand basket, among many, many other problems. I just didn't know if anyone else has noticed, as obviously the Republicans in congress (and the White House) have not:
The House on Wednesday took up legislation to protect the Pledge of Allegiance from what supporters said were rulings by activist judges that the pledge was unconstitutional because of the "under God" phrase.

So sure there are a lot of problems in this country, but apparently the Republican controlled House's top concern is making sure American kids of all religions have to say "under God"...[sarcasm]great, that should solve everything. As if school kids need one more reason to single out "different" people, that should help racial and religious tolerance/relations in this country for years to come![/sarcasm]

I know this is all a pathetic ploy to pander (alliteration?!?!) to the Republican base in an attempt to get them to show up on election day. [sarcasm]BTW, thanks for playing politics with peoples lives, again.[/sarcasm] My only question is...what Republican base? I mean it; I've talked to a number of people who voted for Bush who wish they wouldn't have. This administration has desecrated "tradition" conservative values.

I'm of the opinion that "American Values Agenda" is going to blow up in the Republican's faces...and here's why: all of the items this agenda brings up ties Congressional Republicans in closer and closer with Bush at a time when they need to be running away. Bush's approval rating is at, what?, 12 or so now...its time to jump likes rats from the sinking shipping that is the Bush Administration.

My guess...it's already too late, its time to move on and America knows it!
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