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Name That Disgraced Republican

It's time for a fun game I just made up called Name That Disgraced Republican...and it's rules are pretty simple. Below I will list a quote or article snippet, and you have to guess which scandal ridden Repulican is being talking about. Then, see the comments section below for the right answers. Ready?

"What [this person] did was not a reflection of the Republican Party. It was a reflection of [this person] and he ought to step down," White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

"[This person] must be punished for the criminal actions he has acknowledged," [House Speaker Dennis Hastert and other Repulican House Leaders] said in a statement. "He betrayed his oath of office and violated the trust of those he represented in the House. There is no place for him in this Congress."

Now, two weeks before the Nov. 7 midterm elections, the [this person] is a symbol of the scandal — and, as such, a potential liability — for many of his endangered rank-and-file Republicans fighting to win re-election in a campaign environment favoring Democrats.

"What [this person] did was wrong. It was ethically wrong. It's a shame. It's actually disgusting," [House Speaker Dennis Hastert] told inquiring reporters after a campaign rally.

Outside the venue, a few people protested his visit. One sign read: "Protect the children first, the party last," just a taste of the sentiments that likely will greet [this person] should he venture elsewhere between now and the election.

Notice that the quotes are Republicans talking about other Republicans. This is re-affirming my previous belief that many Republicans currently in office would eat their young to avoid losing power. Of course I want to stress that I believe this atmosphere of "dog-eat-dog" competition stems from the current administration, and not all flavors of Republicans would stoop to such lows. That said, if you are of the right-leaning variety, take a look at what you're voting for.
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