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A Good Day

Senate-Elect Bob CorkerAs someone once said (I think it was Ice Cube) "Today Was a Good Day"...although, actually, it was yesterday, but today has not been bad either. I would like the record to show that I correctly called the races. I predicted a big win in the house, a big win in Governorships, and the Senate within 1 person either way. I figured the Repubs in TN, and the Dems in MT and VA. I think Repubs didn't have a reason to go the polls in many states, which explains why the house was so overwhelming. In the few states where the GOP tried to get people fired up (read: MT, TN, VA) there were some close elections, and even some (a) GOP wins.

I voted here in TN...it didn't seem to help. Republican Bob Corker is our new senator-elect...although the choice for me in this election reminded me of a South Park I once saw (right around the 2004 election). Something about the choices that I had to vote for were between a "Turd Sandwich" and a "Giant Douche Bag". I'm also sad to report that discrimination with a capital D has made it's way into yet another state's Constitution. The religious far-right (in their enlightened wisdom) choose to take away basic rights from a group of people they fear for being different: blacks homosexuals. I was encouraged by a co-worker that said something about how in 20-30 years this would seem like a stupid point in our history (sound like anything we've seen before? Say women's rights or racial equality.). I just wish it didn't have to take that long.

On another positive note, one of the heads was cut of the Neo-con beast today as Rumsfeld was kicked to the curb. This opened the door for ex-CIA director Bob Gates to take over...I haven't done much reading on him yet, but I know there are a few readers of this blog that may have some strong opinions of him. Based on their input I'm optimistic of our future. I'm also optimistic that all these changes may have convinced Bush that he has a legacy to think about and much of the US world hates him.

We'll see what happens next, but this has definitely been a good day.
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