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8:15 - Cheney already looks like he wants to shoot somebody (in the face...of course).
8:18 - Balance budget...hmm, will be a $10 Trillion nation debit...$8 trillion of which under just three presidents - Reagan, Bush, and Bush
8:18 - Balanced the budget...three years ahead of schedule...if you don't count Iraq
8:21 - Are all the people there reading along? (do you think the "applause" breaks are highlighted?)
8:23 - I see Obama
8:24 - Tax breaks on the first $15M of health care costs only works if you make more than $15M
8:26 - Is Pelosi trying to make it VERY obvious when she is/is not clapping
8:29 - Energy-notice he always says FOREIGN oil (clean coal my ass)
8:31 - Reduce gas usage by 20% in ten years...that seems like very little over a very long time
8:32 - Double the capacity of the SPR...through drilling?
8:33 - Did he say global climate change...I didn't think he knew what that was (or didn't believe in it)
8:34 - Domestic policy done...on to Iraq
8:35 - "Take the fight to the enemy"..."Staying on the offense"
8:36 - I think he is about to play the "it could be worse" card
8:36 - And there it is
8:39 - He is drawing one big circle around any thing he doesn't like and calling it terrorist...not that there aren't a variety of terrorist organization, but in his mind it seems so simple if they disagree with him, they must be terrorists (with us or against us).
8:41 - Condi looks piiissssed
8:42 - McCain is asleep
8:44 - Define "victory"
8:47 - Wealth of Iraw into rebuilding of Iraq...and into the pockets of the war profiteers
8:48 - Violence could spill out around the country...its not already
8:49 - smirk
8:50 - He just tied not supporting the escallation to not supporting the troops...classy
8:51 - Special counsel to advise on terror? Haven't we had a few of those that the Repubs have ignored in the past?
8:52 - Civillian specialists...aren't those called mercinaries?
8:54 - Is he basically calling out everyone in the world who doesn't like us?
8:54 - AIDS in Africa...was the Red Product thing what clued him in?
8:57 - Dikembe Mutombo - K?!?
9:00 - Wesley Autrey...he''s pointing a lot...was that a chest pound?
9:02 - smirk
49 minutes
62 applause breaks

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