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"It is obvious; Catholics do not want Protestants elected to any office."

Two cheers for Madison's man-of-the-hour, Will Sandstrom (picture here). The retried biochemist and candidate for mayor, was kicked out of the audience of a recent mayoral debate.

On his own initiative, Sandstrom, whose name will appear on Tuesday's ballot, showed up at the forum in which the three other mayoral candidates had been invited to participate.
While the three invited candidates were making their opening remarks, Sandstrom began circulating among the audience handing out printed material.
However, following [another candidate's] opening statement, without an introduction, Sandstrom stood and began to make a statement. When Mohrbacher told him he was not invited on purpose and was unwelcome, Sandstrom ignored him and kept on speaking.
Sandstrom left under his own power with the two men at his side, but not before he said the action showed that "criminals" controlled Madison and that "lots of money went under the table to [Mayor] Cieslewicz."

Sandstrom said the only way Madison would get a clean government was to elect him. As he was packing up his materials, Sandstrom also explained that the reason the Berlin Wall came down was not any action in Poland or anywhere else in the former Soviet bloc, but what Sandstrom had told people in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sandstrom is one, um, "interesting" dude. Madison blogger Dennis York has noted this before (this post is a VERY good read, btw, and also has a link to a Sandstrom Youtube video).

Take the mayoral race here in Madison as a prime example. Will Sandstrom is once again running for mayor, and he is completely nuts.
During mayoral candidate debates, he is prone to long diatribes about his mother contracting gangrene, his father cooking moonshine, kids calling him "China Boy" growing up, his time dodging bullets in a Russian prison, and how he coined the term "Fish and Wildlife."

A 2003 State Journal piece on Sandstrom contained this gem: "In 1970, he tried to run for governor, insisting the Mafia had stolen the nation and was prolonging the Vietnam War to protect its drug trade. But when he tried to deliver nominating petitions, he said, he was arrested at the state Capitol for an outstanding parking ticket. He was disqualified over questions about nominating petitions, news accounts say."

Want more? Of course you do. Go straight to the horse's mouth and visit Will Sandstrom's blog, currently entitled "FINN ORIGINS, RULER CLAN, JESUS by willl." Here's a short example of the gems found therein:

-Will explains that he was kicked out of the mayoral debate, held at a Knights of Columbus club, because "The club has on its sign the KC symbol, Knights of Columbus. It is obvious; Catholics do not want Protestants elected to any office."

-Will explains that while at this meeting, he said, "Thus I would not build a trolley system costing property taxpayers hundreds of millions and which property tax monies would go to the Nino Mafia Mob and connected contractors--and in bundles of one hundred dollar bills inside black attache- and suit-cases to the Mayor."

-"The State of Wisconsin through its many Catholic Politicians and its "screened/controlled" news media is under the control of Catholic Bishops."

-Will explains the immigration debate. "And all three Catholics--current Mayor attended an all boys Catholic school--are against the building of any fence along the Mexican border, as they want ever more Catholics to flood into America's cities (including Madison) in order that Catholics each year gain more political control in America, and eventually make America a Catholic run Nation; as Catholics run Ireland, Malta, and Poland."

-"For Dr. Sandstrom believes he is inspired by JESUS/GOD to help alert and inspire Protestants to save America from an evil Catholic takeover; as Thomas Paine alerted and helped the first Protestant settlers from attempted control by the then evil Controllers of England, and the already growing Rothschild bankster gangster clan."

Fantastic. Maybe Bill O'Reilly was right.

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