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Hey kids. I'm sure you all understand the importance of backing up data. I certainly do, as I continually need to backup all of my school and legal documents on a very frequent basis - if I lost all of my course notes, I'd be completely hosed at the end of the semester. My solution has been a shell script that tarballs up all of my good data, and whisks away a copy to a remote server.

But this ad-hoc solution doesn't grab other important things, such as Mail.app data, bookmarks, iPhoto/iTunes libraries, and other goodies. Today I stumbled across a piece of software that quickly and easily solves this problem: BackityMac.

Have you ever wanted an easy way to backup all the important files in your home folder? Are you tired of sifting through the Library directory to find the folders you need to backup? Let's say you just want to backup your Apple Mail database file, not all you have to do is click the "Apple Mail" checkbox and click "Backup". Supported important files include:
- Apple Mail Files
- MS Entourage Files
- iCal Calendars
- Address Book database
- Safari, Firefox, Camino bookmarks
- iPhoto and iTunes Libraries
- iWeb website files
- Home Documents folder
- Full home folder backup.

This is not some proprietary system, all backups are placed in a read-only disk image which ensures you can access it on any Mac.

But what is backup without restore. Choose an image created by this program, and the backed up contents will automatically be detected for you, Then decided what you want to restore, and click "Restore". The contents will be placed back into their original directory automatically replacing it's contents.

This is the perfect solution for those who want to be able to clone their home directory and replace it on another Mac untouched.

CD or DVD burning is now supported with a registration fee of $10.00.

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