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"I'm not getting any younger and I think everybody knows that," Favre said.

It's interesting to hear that somebody else in Wisconsin agreed with me in a recent contentious local policy debate. This debate was so heated, in fact, that I don't believe any of my immediate family members agreed with me. That debate? Whether or not the Packers should try to land Randy Moss. That person? Brett Favre. Straight from the headlines: Favre disappointed Packers didn't get Moss.

"It is disappointing," Favre said on Saturday. "We could have gotten him for less money than New England did. He wanted to play in Green Bay for the amount of money we would have paid him. It [was] well worth the risk."

But was the three-time MVP angry enough to ask his way out of Green Bay?

Amid public grousing from Favre about the state of his team over the weekend, a report on the Fox Sports Web site, citing anonymous sources, said Favre's agent called Packers general manager Ted Thompson to request a trade a few days after last month's draft.

I fully agree with Favre. If a town truly respects a player as great as Brett Favre, who has spent the vast majority of his career with their team, don't they owe it to him to suck up their obvious hatred of Mr. Moss and give Favre a nice-going away present in the form of a huge offensive target? The man's been standing behind porous offensive lines with frequently unreliable receiving options (due to injury, inexperience, etc). Wouldn't you like to give the quarterback with probably the strongest arm of all time a true big-play deep threat? I think so. Unfortunately Green Bay (and the Packers, too) didn't. Ditto with the extremely unimpressive draft. The team shouldn't be in complete rebuilding mode yet with the aging (but still talented and competitive) Favre behind center.

"The last thing I want to do is start any [controversy]," Favre said. "But I think he would have been a great addition. You throw Randy Moss, you throw [current starters] Donald Driver and Greg Jennings on the field at the same time, and go three-wide receiver set ... and I think it's pretty intimidating. And we lost out on that, and I think that it's a shame, because I know we could have had him."

I know that there is quite a bit of sconnie readership out there -- thoughts? Agree with me? Disagree? Think that Favre is over-reacting after the draft by requesting a trade?


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