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"People like that should be out on the street shouting and hollering with a cardboard sign selling pencils from a cup."

Christopher Hitchens on The Death of Jerry Falwell. I take it that Mr. Hitchens isn't so much a fan of the late Falwell. His rants go a bit beyond what I've included as the headline of this post, by the way, so give it a watch if you have a few spare minutes.

In case you aren't familiar with Hitchens, he's a writer that defies categorization as he is pro-Iraq War, anti-theistic, a former writer for The Nation, and "slightly" pro-George Bush. Here's a snippet from his wiki-entry:

Christopher Eric Hitchens (born April 13, 1949, in Portsmouth, England) is an Anglo-American author, journalist and literary critic. Currently living in Washington, D.C., he has been a columnist at Vanity Fair, The Nation, Slate and Free Inquiry; additionally, he is an occasional contributor to other publications and has appeared regularly in the Wall Street Journal. His brother is British journalist Peter Hitchens.

Hitchens is known for his iconoclasm, anti-clericalism, atheism, antitheism, anti-fascism and anti-monarchism. He is also noted for his acerbic wit and his noisy departure from the Anglo-American political left. He was formerly a Trotskyist and a fixture in the left wing publications of Britain and America. But a series of disagreements beginning in the early 1990s led to his resignation from The Nation shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks. He is also known for his ardent admiration of George Orwell and Thomas Jefferson, and his iconoclastic criticism of Mother Teresa.

Belated thanks to Brad for this link...

UPDATE: You can also watch Hitchens be obnoxious to the left and flip off Bill Maher's audience. My guess is that he doesn't have friends on either end of the spectrum.

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