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Wonderful. Or not.

It's frequently good to be given national attention, but not in this way.

University of Wisconsin-Madison has long been an attractive target for elite schools like Harvard and Stanford looking for top academics. But now other public universities are among the faculty poachers, and school administrators are worried.

Dozens of professors have left in the past two years, and Chancellor John Wiley said a growing number are going to schools that traditionally could not compete with the state's flagship university. More than 115 professors reported receiving outside offers last year, the most in 20 years and more than double the number from five years ago.

The article points the blame at "Doyle and the Legislature" for failing to get enough funding the the UW. I primarily blame the (cough Republican cough) legislature, which has been screwing things up for years (check out the 2005 date on this story).

The 17-16 vote by the Republican-controlled Senate early July 1 drew immediate criticism from UW officials. The state Assembly accepted the Senate's version of the budget on a 52-43 vote on July 5.
UW System President Kevin Reilly says he was "deeply disappointed" that the Senate did not restore $13 million in student financial aid, $11 million in funds for new faculty or any of the $25 million in cuts taken from campus budgets beyond Doyle's proposal.
"This comes at a time when the pay plan for highly sought after faculty and staff is significantly behind our peers, and proposal call for a pay plan increase of just 2 percent, after two years of zero and 1 percent, respectively," Reilly says. "The action would effectively mean just a half percent increase in compensation. This is no way to encourage our prized and committed staff to stay and continue to make their contributions in Wisconsin."

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