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"[T]he CHP reported receiving about 80 phone calls from witnesses or drivers reporting hair or blood on their cars."

Ick. On my train ride yesterday morning, I looked onto HWY 880 and noticed a strange sight--nothing. This sight was particularly disturbing because this road is one of the most gridlocked roads in the country, and due to congestion I've never seen vehicles travel anywhere near the speed limit during this time of day. Upon arriving at my destination, I heard rumors ranging from "there must be extra construction going on" to "I heard there was a nasty accident." If only the reality were that pleasant.

I found out late last night that prior to my train passing the highway, a man had been run over repeatedly on the road during the morning commute.

Authorities say they may have trouble identifying a body found on Interstate 880 before dawn Thursday because it was repeatedly struck by passing cars for about an hour during the morning commute.

The first call to the California Highway Patrol that something was amiss came before 6 a.m. The caller reported a dead dog. Officers arrived at southbound I-880 in Hayward nearly an hour later and made the gruesome discovery.

On the ground was a human ear. The CHP immediately called for the freeway to be closed. It was 6:50 a.m., less than a half hour before sunrise.

The remains of the man were strewn across five lanes and 1,000 feet of highway, CHP Officer Mike Davis said.

My goodness. The story was clarified today when the police were finally able to identify the man.

The man found dead after being hit on Interstate 880 in Hayward was identified today as a hitchhiker who secretly clung to the back of a truck for 20 miles before losing his grip, falling to the freeway and being struck by numerous cars, authorities said.

Whenever I think I've gotten used to Nor.Cal., something like this happens and shocks the hell out of me. What a crazy world.
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